Air Compressor Testing

Among different models of air compressors you’ve finally found a great option for your needs? Well, don’t forget about its testing. If you wish to use compressor in some of your projects, you must know that a testing will be necessary. In this way, you’ll avoid messing up your work and also in this way you can see if the equipment is working properly or not. So in this article will talk about how to test your new air tool.

You must know that this machine is great to be used with a water sprayer or a spray gun. Yet before you begin testing it, we recommend to be aware of your safety. The compressor has a release valve which measures the safety. That valve releases pressure when it becomes critical.

First step

Before you start using the equipment, it’s recommended to check the oil level. In this way, you’ll avoid problems that can appear with the engine if the levels of oil are getting low. If you have the right portion of oil you’ll limit friction and heat and the air compressor will sure work properly. You just have to see it as your car, needs kind of the same treatment.

Second step

To test the air machine firstly has to be under pressure. By this said, turn it on and be sure to allow the pressure to build in around 30 minutes.

Third Step

Examine the tanks of the compressor. Try looking for something that is silver and try sticking it out from the tank. After this, you can turn the power on, also be aware of the valve settings. Check them in your manual.

Fourth Step

After you checked the oil level, you set the right levels of pressure and plugged the air machine it can be started. It’s recommended to select the right settings for the job that you have in that moment. We suggest repeating all these steps in order to get the best of your air compressor.


In any case, if you take all these steps in consideration every time you use the air compressor, you’ll not encounter any problems with it. These are important steps that if you miss one you might get your equipment break. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll find many types of compressor on the market that come with an instruction manual ready to help you.

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