Should I buy a long-reach hedge trimmer

Modern high-rises are irreplaceable helpers in the hands of the gardener. Without gasoline or electric hedge, the work on seasonal pruning of fruit trees, the removal of sick and old branches, the correct formation of spreading crowns would be many times more difficult and would take much longer. And if owners of small country sites can manage improvised means, then when the garden consists of several tens, and even hundreds of trees, a saw and a pruner will cope with it is already difficult. Here, and serious garden technology is useful, in particular, a skyscraper.

What is a skyscraper and why is it needed?

Should I buy a long-reach hedge trimmer

A skyscraper is a kind of a brasscutter. It helps to take care of trees of almost any height. To remove every unnecessary twig without a hitch, the gardener needs to attach a stepladder or a portable ladder to the fruit tree, climb closer to the crown, and there, in an uncomfortable and unstable position, a chainsaw, or worse, with an ordinary hacksaw, cut this branch. It is quite another matter to work with a high-rise, with a telescopic hedge trimmer, which is adjusted to the required height, thanks to which it is possible to get to the earth from the ground, to the furthest twig in the growing thick crown. All very simple and quick – raised the skyscraper, took aim, pressed the start button – the branch line. That’s the whole job!

And also, imagine, you are trying to attach a ladder or step-ladder to a tree in a garden with an uneven, sloping surface, and even to work with it. Scary! It often happens that a fruit tree grows on a hillside. Just in that case, the use of a high-rise is an ideal option.

Which skyscraper is better to choose for work

To understand which type of skyscraper to buy for your garden, let’s get acquainted with the types and devices of models on our market. They are mechanical, electric, gasoline and battery.

The device and varieties of high-altitude

Modern high-rises (not to be confused with “cuttings”), available in our stores, are a small chain saw, to which is attached a special bar, which has a telescopic design. At the end of the rod nearest to the operator there is a convenient handle, with control elements located on it. The working sawing part of the treetop consists in fact of the same components as the traditional traditional chain saw: the tire and the saw chain. Only the length of this tire and the chain itself is much shorter, since it is customary to cut small twigs, rather than skeleton branches, and, of course, not the trunk itself.

The transmitting shaft is hidden in the telescopic arm of the unit, which transmits the rotating motion of the sawing part from the motor located at the end of the jeep near to you.
The engine can be electric and gasoline. The latter, as a rule, is two-stroke with air cooling, since it is lighter and smaller in size (which in this case is very important) than a four-cycle and affordable at its price. At gasoline skyscrapers on the rod are located controls – levers of gas with safety features from unintentional, accidental activation.