How to Choose a Car Tracking System

Protection of the car – the task of every driver. However, this duty quickly becomes a problem when attackers become more active and cars are stealing more and more often. To build an effective security system is possible only with the introduction of a complex of anti-theft devices. One of them is a GPS tracker.

GPS tracker for auto is a device that receives a GPS signal and sends real-time data to your gadget or computer. So, you will always know where your car is. And even if your car is stolen, you can quickly determine its location and find the intruders faster.

What Features Should Be Present In Such Devices

The main objective of such products is to provide you with information on the location of the car. It is solved using the following functions:

  • Getting GPS coordinates. If you want to get the ideal values, then we recommend to look at models with the presence of GLONASS and GPS.
  • GSM and GPRS module allow you to receive data in real time.
  • Dimensions: the smaller they are, the better. After all, so you can safely hide the device so that the attackers could not deactivate the system.
  • The possibility of autonomous work: you can refuse to connect the onboard network, which will significantly expand the functionality and capabilities of the tracker.
  • Interval work. In this case, the system will independently make contact during a certain period of time, which is defined in the settings.
  • Additionally, sensors can be installed. They improve the security properties of the car. So, at the beginning of the movement of the car, you will immediately receive a notification and will be able to react faster to possible actions of intruders.

How to Set Up a GPS Tracker

Once we understand that we want to get from the GPS tracker, we need to configure it correctly. Manufacturers are trying to provide detailed information about the product, and most importantly – understandable. Therefore, it makes no sense to dwell on this issue in detail; we will discuss only the main points:

  • To keep the device invisible, adjust the interval mode. So, the attacker will not be able to detect the operation of the system and deactivate it.
  • Set the accelerometer triggering on motion. So, you can literally receive a notification at lightning speed if the car starts moving.
  • Transfer the location via GPRS, and use the official application on the phone. You will be easier to control the operation of the device and, if necessary, to make changes.
  • We recommend choosing models with the ability to work offline. After all, it will be easier for you to install the tracker.

Where to Install a GPS?


There is an important rule here – only the owner should know the location of the tracker. We recommend to turn on your imagination and independently think through this question, focusing on the features of your salon.

You can use examples of lighthouse placement:

  • If you have a waterproof model, you can hide it in the engine compartment.
  • Under the cabin trim.
  • In the luggage compartment, but try to make it not the most obvious corner.
  • Inside any design in the cabin.
  • If your GPS tracker is equipped with a microphone, we recommend that you find a suitable place in the cabin.

How to Choose a GPS Tracker for Business and What Can be Controlled?


Depending on the specifics of your business and needs at a particular stage, GPS monitoring will help automate many processes and get rid of the routine. With the help of the tracker you can solve a number of problems.

  • Control car mileage
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Learn about route deviations
  • Monitor mobile employees
  • Quickly monitor the condition of the car
  • Receive a signal about the accident and assess the quality of driving
  • To control the object for several years

Learn About Route Deviations

With the help of trackers or mobile applications where My owner of a fleet, taxi service or delivery can control the movement of employees – see the direction of travel, the time spent on the trip, go beyond the limits of allowable geofence. To quickly receive information about failures, set up notifications – about too long parking, leaving the route or leaving a certain territory.

Get a Signal About the Accident and Assess the Quality of Driving

Most car trackers have a built-in dangerous driving detector. It controls accelerations that occur on bends, during acceleration, hard braking and notifies you of an aggressive driving style by SMS, e-mail, or displays data in reports.

The option will help you to find out whether your employee accurately enough treats the car or cargo entrusted to him.

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