Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

A long reach hedge trimmer is one that allows the easier to cut the tops of their shrubbery while standing firmly on the ground, lessening the chances of injury that are associated with climbing a ladder to do this. The machine may also be called a telescopic tool to cut hedges (if its length is adjustable) or a pole trimmer.

Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

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There are various reasons why these long reach hedge trimmer machines are so useful for every garden, big or small, and here are just a few:

Blade rotation

This is often seen as being the best feature of long reach hedge trimmers, as it enables the user to angle the blades so that they can hold the machine comfortably and so that they can cut in straight lines along the top of the hedge without needing to climb a ladder. This is especially useful for people who cannot climb ladders, such as pregnant women and the elderly.


While some of the cheaper trimmers on the market will be difficult to maneuver due to being improperly balanced, the higher quality machines will be perfectly balanced. This always reduces the strain on your arms and hands during use, lessening the chances of developing aches and pains through gardening.


Long reach hedge trimmers are available with a few different power sources, including petrol and electricity. In many cases, petrol machines are favored over electric ones, simply because they can provide the user with more power and enable them to cut through thicker twigs and branches with ease. You also need to worry less about trailing power cords.


Many users are worried about the use of petrol-powered trimmers because they believe that the fumes are released directly into their face where they are breathed in. While this may be true of some of the cheaper models, the better quality ones release fumes well away from the user to ensure that their health is protected.

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One of the biggest benefits associated with the use of a long reach hedge trimmer is that the blades are kept well away from the user. This helps to lessen the chances of cuts and other injuries from occurring due to contact with the blades. Even so, it is essential that the user wear proper safety equipment, including safety glasses and earplugs, to protect against noise and flying debris.

As you can see, the use of a long reach hedge trimmer can be far more beneficial than a standard machine for homeowners and gardens alike. Not only will it allow users of even reduced mobility to keep their shrubbery in check, but it usually also lessens the chances of accidents and injury occurring due to falls from ladders and contact with the sharp blades.

So, should you consider a tool to cut hedges such as long reach hedge trimmer for use in your backyard? At the end of it all, you have overly large and tall shrubbery anywhere on your property, then a long reach model is going to be able to best suit your needs, and it ensures that you are kept safe and sound while keeping your unruly growth in check. If your hedges are on the smaller and shorter side than a traditional trimmer will probably suffice.

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