Telescopic Hedge Trimmers – Review

The prototype of modern skyscrapers is a mechanical skyscraper. By the way, many gardeners now use them. This is a two-handed or sucker rod optimized hedge trimmer.

The two-handed branched cutter-skyscraper looks like a large elongated pruner. It is represented by long handles, which are levers, and a pair of cutting elements – knives.

Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tall Hedges

High-altitude petrol

This is the most powerful garden tool of all telescopic telescopic types. His work, of course, is accompanied by a certain noise, but, its good power allows you to cut considerable in thickness boughs. Due to this, the skid with the gasoline engine can be used for cutting off rather thick branches, as a saw.

Electric skirting

Equipped with an electric motor. Despite the weaker power and the dependence on the wire, it has many advantages. It differs from high-altitude gasoline ecological compatibility, less noise during operation, simplicity of control and ease. They stand apart as battery cells: they are similar in characteristics to electrical ones, but their independence from an external power source and the presence of fuel makes them as convenient as possible. This is especially true in areas that are difficult to access for electricity.

Telescopic Hedge Trimmers

Gasoline, electric and battery-powered skyscrapers – this is a garden technique that requires only management from the gardener’s side. Working with him, trimming and trimming the crowns, do not have to exert any special effort. Therefore, we advise you to buy a skyscraper for your garden. If your budget is limited or you are the owner of a small country garden, you can pick up a good mechanical skyscraper.

(4 in 1) IBKH 33 – Power 1.2 hp, engine displacement (cc) 32.7, fishing line 2×2 m / Ø 2.4 cm: 43 cm, knife 25.5 cm, chain 30 cm, hedge trimmer 40 cm, the possibility of extending the handle by 80 cm, collapsible shaft, chain saw 110cm with adjustable angle, adjusting hedge trimmer for 180gr, gasoline tank 900 ml, weight 6.5 kg

Rechargeable high-rises – combine the advantages of electric and gasoline tools, and have today only 2 comments: still high prices, limited resources.

AAS 2420 battery charger – 24 V power, 20 cm bus, 24 V lithium-ion battery, 1.9 amps, operation time about 60 min. (idling blades) with Eco (economy mode). Charging the battery from 3 to 5 hours, the interchangeable (universal) battery, the telescopic rod is made of optical fiber, the telescopic bar can be extended in the range of 1.85 to 3.15 m, the soft cover of the grip area of ​​the pole of the hand-rail, the shoulder strap in the set , the leading sprocket on the tire, weight 3.8 kg.

Proceeding from what has been said, it can be concluded that when choosing a high altitude, it is necessary to start from the following facts:

  1. The purposes of application and purpose of tools for high-altitude cropping of tree crowns, the type of detachment and the “price / quality”
  2. Performance, availability of professional cutting headset
  3. Tool mass, ease of use
  4. Noise level
  5. Mobility of the device
  6. Availability of additional combi-systems